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What is Ref Finance?

Ref Finance is one of the core projects in the DeFi ecosystem on NEAR Protocol. Its main objective is to bring together the core components of DeFi, namely, decentralized exchange (DEX), lending protocol, synthetic asset issuer, and so on, into a single, synchronous DeFi platform. Leveraging NEAR’s 1-2 second finality, low costs, as well as its user-friendly and interoperable infrastructure, Ref aims to bring DeFi one step closer to the people.

Community Project

Ref is first and foremost a community project. A DAO has been created to allow the community to direct its course. The DAO will be responsible for managing the treasury initially, and shortly thereafter, managing upgrades of the protocol.


Ref Finance is a collection of DeFi protocols, powered by smart contracts on NEAR, that enable trading and earning by providing liquidity and other financial use cases in the future. Currently, its main product is the automated market maker decentralized exchange (AMM DEX).



Ref Finance's AMM DEX enables permissionsless and automated trading between any native NEAR or bridged token through liquidity pools managed by smart contracts.


On Ref Finance, liquidity providers can earn $REF tokens (or other NEP-141 tokens) by staking their liquidity provider (LP) tokens.


Users can stake their $REF tokens to earn more and more $REF over time, distributed via protocol fees.

Community & Official Channels

Official website: https://ref.finance/​
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Governance Forum
[1] The codebase can be viewed at https://github.com/ref-finance/​
[2] To try Ref Finance on testnet, please contact us.
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