The team is composed of fifteen fulltime members, covered/paid by the Dev DAO (dao.ref-dev-team.near).

Although not considered as a fulltime member of the team, ve$RUST (from Proximity Labs) is one of the leaders of the project and is very involved in Product Design, Business, Marketing, Strategy and Growth.

The team is a mix of both pseudonymous and non-pseudonymous people. Within the crypto space, being pseudonymous can mitigate the risks of conducting an activity that is not considered as regulated in a specific country, for example. For more details on the topic, the team recommends the following read: Sputnik DAO: Empowering Communities.

The team does not stop to the above list. As a community-driven project, many community members are contributing, on a regular basis, to different aspects of the project, such as Marketing, end-to-end community testing, etc.

Moderators are also a key piece of the project. They participate in the success and growth of Ref Finance in different areas, such as (not limited to):

  • User onboarding/acquisition

  • User support/guidance

  • Discussion facilitation

  • Removal of unrelated or inappropriate content

Ref Finance's Legendary Mods:

Fore more details on how to contribute, please see our Community section.

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