Using the Platform

One platform, many things you can do

Ref Finance is a fully permissionless exchange, meaning that any token on NEAR can be swapped or pooled on the platform.

When visiting the platform, you will be required to confirm the connection between Ref Finance and your wallet. This is completely normal and safe. Once confirmed, you can start using Ref Finance to Trade, Pool, Farm, Stake and Vote.

Ref Finance has designed a simple tool to swap any token on NEAR, often being the first and unique place to get an exposure to new NEAR-native projects. Simply ensure Ref Finance has permission to 'spend' your tokens and enjoy instantaneous, low-cost transactions.

Increase your Yields

There is a number of ways to earn rewards on Ref Finance.

Pooling tokens facilitates trading, ensuring that there is enough liquidity for traders. This works by providing two tokens (such as REF and NEAR) or three tokens (such as USDC, DAI and USDT for the Tri-Pool) to a pool in return for LP tokens, which can then be farmed. Not all pools can be farmed, but you will still earn a percentage of the trading fees in proportion to your share of the pool.

Once in the pool, in most cases you can use LP tokens to farm. Simply visit the Farms tab and search for the pair you wish to farm to earn additional rewards.

Staking is the process of converting REF to xREF, with a percentage of trading fees used to buy back REF and send it to the xREF contract (xtoken.ref-finance.near). Over time, your xREF will give you more REF. Visit the xREF tab to have more details relating the rewards.

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