Ref SDK is designed to assist developers when interacting with the main functions of the protocol. Main functions that can be defined as:

  • Trade: Swap tokens with our Automated Market Maker (AMM)

  • Pool: Add/Remove liquidity and earn revenue from swap fee (Coming soon)

  • Farm: Stake LP tokens into farms and earn liquidity incentives (Coming soon)

  • Boost Farm: Stake LOVE tokens to get boosted liquidity incentives (Coming soon)

  • Stake: Stake REF tokens to earn fees generated by the protocol (Coming soon)

  • Vote: Lock REF<>NEAR LP tokens to get veTokens and participate in the governance of the protocol and the allocation of liquidity incentives (Coming soon)

You can find detailed introduction and guide in this github link.

Ref Swap Widget

If you're a project developer looking to integrate the Ref Swap functionality into your own application, we recommend using the Ref Swap Widget.

The Ref Swap Widget is a useful tool, allowing any third party service to access Ref's liquidity. Users of ecosystem dapps have the ability to swap via the Widget, without the need to go to Ref app, thus improving the user experience.

Here are some use cases:

  • Swapping stablecoins for your project's token

  • Swapping tokens to lend, farm or stake

  • Swapping one token for a specific token, which can be used to buy a NFT in the associated marketplace

Using the Ref Swap Widget, with a few customizations, developers can integrate the Swap funtion directly into their dapps. Both mobile and/or website version are available.

For the default theme, developers can chose between the light mode and dark mode. We also provide a lot more themes for you to choose from.

Follow the guide here to start integration.


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