In the long term, we envision Ref Finance to be fully governed by its community


The current DAO (ref-finance.sputnik-dao.near) uses SputnikDAO contract to manage its affairs.

The DAO has two different roles:

  1. Council: Council members can create proposals and vote. Only Council members can create proposals. If the majority of the Council confirms or rejects a proposal, that decision will stand

  2. Community: Community members can vote on proposals. If the majority of the Community confirms or rejects a proposal, that decision will stand. For most proposals, the Council will defer to the Community's decision, and refrain from voting

Core Values

Beyond voting power, anyone in our community is welcomed and encouraged to participate in the activities of the project, including, but not limited to:

  • Project Management: planning, project methodology, and documentation

  • Product Testing: unit test and end-to-end test

  • Product Strategy: benchmark, market analysis, and go-to-market plan

  • User Support and Moderation

  • PR and Communication

In addition to proactiveness, Community members shall:

  • Challenge project proposals

  • Share their opinion about different matters raised by the Community

  • Be proactive and act in the protocol’s best interests

  • Exercise independent judgement (Community members should not be delegates who simply implement the commands of other parties)

  • Exercise their voting right

  • Participate in the Community calls and meetups

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