Using the Rainbow Bridge

Transfer tokens between Ethereum, NEAR and Aurora networks

The Rainbow Bridge allows you to transfer tokens between Ethereum, NEAR and the Aurora networks. The bridge was created and is maintained by Aurora, the Ethereum-compatible scaling solution built on NEAR.


The following guide will show you how to use it:

  1. Prepare ERC-20 assets in your non-custodial Wallet (Metamask, Coin98, etc.)

  2. Use the Rainbow Bridge to transfer tokens to NEAR Protocol

  3. Access, connect your NEAR Wallet and MetaMask Wallet

Step 1: Choose Ethereum <> NEAR route and connect both wallets

Step 2: Choose Begin new transfer and select tokens

Step 3: Approve the transaction and click Transfer, it will cost you some ETH to cover the gas fee (amount depends on network congestion)

Step 4: Confirm the transaction, like the previous step, it will cost you some ETH

Step 5: Click Go to my transfer, to see your pending and/or finalised transfers

For more details, please check the following video:

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