CLI Farming

Commande-Line Interface Usage for Ref Farming

Always check that a wallet has a sufficient storage deposit on a token's smart contract before initiating swaps, withdrawing liquidity, or withdrawing rewards. Failure to do so may result in the tokens being placed in the contract's "owner" account, requiring a vote by the Ref Community DAO to remove them.

You can setup the following parameters:

export FARMING=ref-farming.testnet
export EX=ref-finance.testnet
export TOKEN=token.ref-finance.testnet

View general information

near view $FARMING get_metadata

View all farms with pagination

near view $FARMING list_farms '{"from_index": 0, "limit": 100}'


  • Outdated_farms are excluded

  • There are three farm_status in contract, they are Created, Running, Ended

  • start_at is timestamp in seconds

  • session_interval is timestamp in seconds

View all seeds with pagination

near view $FARMING list_seeds_info '{"from_index": 0, "limit": 100}'

View all rewards with pagination

near view $FARMING list_rewards_info '{"from_index": 0, "limit": 100}'

View single seed information

near view $FARMING get_seed_info "{\"seed_id\": \"$EX@9\"}"

View all farms per seed

near view $FARMING list_farms_by_seed "{\"seed_id\": \"$EX@9\"}"

View single farm information

near view $FARMING get_farm "{\"farm_id\": \"$EX@11#0\"}"

View rewards per user

near view $FARMING list_rewards '{"account_id": "pika456.testnet"}'

View unclaimed rewards per user

near view $FARMING get_unclaimed_reward "{\"account_id\": \"pika456.testnet\", \"farm_id\": \"$EX@30#0\"}"

View seeds per user

near view $FARMING list_user_seeds '{"account_id": "pika456.testnet"}'

Stake/Unstake seed

# if needed, register user to the farming
near call $FARMING storage_deposit '{"account_id": "u1.testnet", "registration_only": true}' --account_id=u1.testnet --amount=1

# if needed, register farming contract to seed token
near call $EX mft_register "{\"token_id\":\"31\", \"account_id\": \"$FARMING\"}" --account_id=u1.testnet --amount=0.01

# staking
near call $EX mft_transfer_call "{\"receiver_id\": \"$FARMING\", \"token_id\":\"31\", \"amount\": \"1000000000000000000000000\", \"msg\": \"\"}" --account_id=u1.testnet --amount=0.000000000000000000000001

# unstaking
near call $FARMING withdraw_seed "{\"seed_id\": \"$EX@31\", \"amount\": \"1000000000000000000000000\"}" --account_id=u1.testnet --amount=0.000000000000000000000001

Claim rewards

# you can claim reward per farm
near call $FARMING claim_reward_by_farm "{\"farm_id\": \"$EX@0#1\"}" --account_id=u1.testnet --amount=0.000000000000000000000001

# or you can claim reward per seed (kind of batch claim)
near call $FARMING claim_reward_by_seed "{\"seed_id\": \"$EX@0\"}" --account_id=u1.testnet --amount=0.000000000000000000000001

Withdraw reward token

# amount set to 0 means withdraw all balance
near call $FARMING withdraw_reward "{\"token_id\": \"$TOKEN\", \"amount\": \"0\"}" --account_id=u1.testnet --amount=0.000000000000000000000001

Create farm

At the moment, only the owner of this contract can create farms

To create a farm, you need to prepare the farming terms accordingly.

near call $FARMING create_simple_farm "{\"terms\": {\"seed_id\": \"$EX@31\", \"reward_token\": \"$TOKEN\", \"start_at\": 0, \"reward_per_session\": \"10000000000000000000\", \"session_interval\": 3600}}\" --account_id=pika456.testnet --amount 0.01
# this will return a farm id like ref-finance.testnet@31#0

At this point, this is a farm with no reward deposited, farm status is Created.

To activate a farm, deposit some reward tokens into the farm with ft_transfer_call.

# if needed, register farming contract to reward token
near call $TOKEN storage_deposit "{\"account_id\": \"$FARMING\"}" --account_id=pika456.testnet --amount 0.00125

# deposit reward token into the farm
near call $TOKEN ft_transfer_call "{\"receiver_id\": \"$FARMING\", \"amount\": \"2400000000000000000000\", \"msg\": \"$EX@31#0\"}" --account_id=$REF_OWNER --amount=0.000000000000000000000001 --gas=100000000000000

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