CLI Trading

Command-Line Interface Usage for Ref Exchange

Always check that a wallet has a sufficient storage deposit on a token's smart contract before initiating swaps, withdrawing liquidity, or withdrawing rewards. Failure to do so may result in the tokens being placed in the contract's "owner" account, requiring a vote by the Ref Community DAO to remove them.

The following guide will help you to make actions on the contracts of Ref Finance via CLI.

We will use $CONTRACT_ID for contract account id and $USER_ID for user account id. $TOKEN1, $TOKEN2, et cetera are accounts for tokens.

You can set these variables via CLI: export CONTRACT_ID=ref-finance.testnet

Deploy contract

Deploy to TestNet, to an account $CONTRACT_ID you have access keys for:

export NEAR_ENV=default
near deploy $CONTRACT_ID --wasmFile=res/ref_exchange.wasm
near call $CONTRACT_ID new "{\"owner_id\": \"$USER_ID\", \"exchange_fee\": 4, \"referral_fee\": 1}" --accountId $CONTRACT_ID

Add a simple pool

Add simple pool with 2 tokens and 0.3% total fee (16% goes to the protocol and 4% goes to referral).

near call $CONTRACT_ID add_simple_pool "{\"tokens\": [\"$TOKEN1\", \"$TOKEN2\"], \"fee\": 25}" --accountId $USER_ID --amount 0.1

Query pools

To query first 10 pools:

near view $CONTRACT_ID get_pools '{"from_index": 0, "limit": 10}'

Register account in the exchange

near call $CONTRACT_ID storage_deposit '' --accountId $USER_ID --amount 0.1

If there is a token that is not whitelisted, you also need to register it separately:

near call $CONTRACT_ID register_tokens '{\"token_ids\": [\"$TOKEN1\", \"$TOKEN2\"]}' --accountId $USER_ID

Query whitelisted tokens

This is list of tokens that don't need extra registration from the user. They are well known to the contract governance and are not expected to spam user's storage.

near view $CONTRACT_ID get_whitelisted_tokens

Check that account is registered and storage available

near view $CONTRACT_ID storage_balance_of "{\"account_id\": \"$USER_ID\"}"

Deposit funds

Before sending funds for token X, make sure that exchange is registered for token X.

near call $TOKEN1 storage_deposit "{\"account_id\": \"$CONTRACT_ID\"}" --accountId $USER_ID --amount 0.0125

Actually deposit funds to the exchange (attaching 1yN for security):

near call $TOKEN1 ft_transfer_call "{\"receiver_id\": \"$CONTRACT_ID\", \"amount\": \"1000000000000\", \"msg\": \"\"}" --accountId $USER_ID --amount 0.000000000000000000000001

Query deposit balances in the exchange

near view $CONTRACT_ID get_deposits "{\"account_id\": \"$USER_ID\"}"

Add liquidity to a pool

near call $CONTRACT_ID add_liquidity '{"pool_id": 0, "amounts": ["10000", "10000"]}' --accountId $USER_ID --amount 0.000000000000000000000001

Get pool's information

near view $CONTRACT_ID get_pool '{"pool_id": 0}'

Get pool's accumulated volume

near view $CONTRACT_ID get_pool_volumes '{"pool_id": 0}'

Get number of liquidity shares in the pool

near view $CONTRACT_ID get_pool_shares "{\"pool_id\": 0, \"account_id\": \"$USER_ID\"}"

Remove liquidity from a pool

near call $CONTRACT_ID remove_liquidity '{"pool_id": 0, "shares": "1000000000000000000000000", "min_amounts": ["1", "1"]}' --accountId $USER_ID --amount 0.000000000000000000000001

Output amount after swap

near view $CONTRACT_ID get_return "{\"pool_id\": 0, \"token_in\": \"$TOKEN1\", \"amount_in\": \"10000\", \"token_out\": \"$TOKEN2\"}"


Swap via a single pool:

near call $CONTRACT_ID swap "{\"actions\": [{\"pool_id\": 0, \"token_in\": \"$TOKEN1\", \"amount_in\": \"10000\", \"token_out\": \"$TOKEN2\", \"min_amount_out\": \"1\"}]}" --accountId $USER_ID --amount 0.000000000000000000000001

Withdraw funds

To withdraw specific token from exchange back to user's account:

near call $CONTRACT_ID withdraw "{\"token_id\": \"$TOKEN1\", \"amount\": \"900000000000\"}" --accountId $USER_ID --amount 0.000000000000000000000001

Check owner

near view $CONTRACT_ID get_owner

Free up user's storage

When withdrawing tokens, if withdrawing everything - user can specify unregister: true to also remove storage occupied by any given token. Alternatively the user can call near call $CONTRACT_ID unregister_tokens "{\"token_ids\": [\"$TOKEN1\"]}" --accountId $USER_ID to remove balance of $TOKEN1 from user.

When all storage has been freed up (e.g. near view $CONTRACT_ID get_deposits "{\"account_id\": \"$USER_ID\"}" returns empty set), the user's account can be completely deleted:

near call $CONTRACT_ID storage_unregister '' --accountId $USER_ID

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