Orderly Portfolio

The Orderbook page (including Spot and Perpetuals) is a graphical user interface for trading on Orderly Network. Therefore, we have provided the Orderly Portfolio page for you to review your assets and transaction history on Orderly.

The Orderly Porfolio page can be accessed through the Porfolio menu at the top of the Ref site.

There are four main parts of the portfolio.


In the Overview section, you can see a summary of all your assets on Orderly and your current available balance, both in USD value.


In the Orders section, you can view all open orders and order history for both spot and futures trading. You have the option to view orders executed through the REF trading system, or you can review all orders placed on Orderly on all the different platforms.


The Assets section is divided into two parts: Spot and Futures.

In the Spot section, you can perform token deposits and withdrawals. The operations here are consistent with the operations on the spot page.

In the Futures section, you can view your unsettled PnL and settle it. Also, you can close your positions and canceling your pending orders just like what you can do on the perps page.


The Records section allows you to view various transaction records, including deposits and withdrawals, funding fees for Perpetuals, and settlements.

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