Ref Finance

Boosted Farming

Earn extra rewards
Boosted farming can be defined as the ability to get extra rewards by staking LOVE tokens into the Booster zone.
Once staked (your LOVE tokens), you have boosters for all the corresponding farms. Not all farms qualify for the boosted rewards.
Obviously, having active boosters DOES NOT mean that you will get the actual boosted rewards. To do so, you need first, to provide liquidity into the corresponding pools, and second, stake your LP tokens into the corresponding farms

Booster Logic

A booster is a specific seed. For each affected seed, we have:
Where base determines the relative power of booster to the affected seed.
Let's assume that booster is a seed which decimal is 18.
If base=10,
Then 100∗10^18 amount of booster_locking_power would yield double extra seed power, increasing the farmer’s total seed power by 3x.

How to activate boosted rewards?

First, make sure that you are connected to Ref Finance with your wallet.

Step 1: Access Farm Page

You will need to prepare LOVE token before boosting farm rewards. Refer to this guide for further information.

Step 2: Stake LOVE tokens

Step 3: Enter the LOVE amount and verify all the details

Step 4: Stake!